Crane Buffer

  1. Stacker Crane Buffer

    This Stacker Crane Buffer is highly satiable for energy absorption applications where input parameters vary or are not clearly defined. Offer the most flexible solutions, these buffers allow easy change of the damping forces by adjusting the knob. Can easily accommodate a wide range of conditions, these buffers are ideal for applications that require limited space and flexibility. We offer these shock absorbers to clients in small bore and large bore versions.
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  2. Large Damping Stacker Crane Buffers

    Ideal for emergency use, these Large Damping Stacker Crane Buffers are considered as the ideal solutions for high impact heavy industry applications. These applications include automated stacker crane warehouse systems and production cranes. Manufactured using supreme quality cellular polyurethane PUR, these buffers are perfect for end stop position damping. Highly compatible for use in overhead gantry crane systems or crane trolley applications, these are self contained unit offering maintenance free life.
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  3. Heavy Duty Crane Buffers

    These Heavy Duty Crane Buffers offer a highly reliable method of impact reduction. Best known for their excellent working temperature range, these crane buffers are available in a wide range of capacities and stroke lengths. These buffers protect the cranes from damage due to impact with other cranes or track end stops. These are specially designed to convert the impact into heat and then slow down the system in a controlled manner.
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