SDA/SDS Series Shock Absorber

  1. Small Damping Adjustable Shock Absorber

    Small Damping Adjustable Shock Absorber provides a low profile adjustment knob. Available in both imperial and metric thread configurations, these shock absorbers support a wide range of stroke lengths. Features adjustable design, this device lets fine- tune and lock your desired damping adjustment setting. Best known for its efficient damping characteristics, the internal orifice design of this device provides deceleration with the lowest reaction forces in the industry.
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  2. Small Shock Absorber

    Provided with threaded cylinders, this Small Shock Absorber provides mounting flexibility. In addition, it is also acclaimed for delivering increased surface area for improved heat dissipation. Available in a wide variety of surface finishes, these shock absorbers provides the longest corrosion resistance protection. Available in varied bore sizes and stroke lengths, these devices can be easily tuned for almost any design.
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  3. Adjustable Series Shock Absorbers

    These Adjustable Series Shock Absorbers offer the most flexible solutions. Best suited for energy absorption applications where input parameters vary or are not clearly defined; the damping force of these shock absorbers can be easily changed by adjusting the knob. This facility allows the shock absorbers to accommodate a wide range of conditions and applications requiring limited space and flexibility. These shock absorbers are available in small bore and large bore versions.
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