Shock Absorber

  1. Hydraulic Shock Absorber

    Hydraulic shock absorbers have two major components: a piston and a cylinder filled with hydraulic oil. These devices help control the impact and movement of your vehicle's suspension & springs. They smooth out the bumps and vibrations. Also, our shock absorbers are designed to ensure safe control and excellent braking response. We keep up with reliable components, proven engineering and good compatibility.

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  2. Single Orifice Shock Absorber

    The purpose of using this Single Orifice Shock Absorber is to stop a moving load with minimum load rebound. It also ensures minimum shock to the load and surrounding equipment. These shock absorbers support high cycle times and reduce the time from impact to end of operation. In case of change in work- piece mass and speed, this shock absorber construction automatically adjusts itself to prevent wasted operation time. Combined with reduced vibration, this device delivers high productivity.
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  3. Multiple Orifice Adjustable Shock Absorber

    The Multiple Orifice Adjustable Shock Absorber is extensively used in heavy industry, factory automation and defense industry. These are high in demand to improve machine efficiency, save costs, reduce noise pollution and increase operating life of machines. These shock absorbers use several orifices to maintain the resistance consistent throughout the strokes and stopping of moving loads in order to minimize the shock generated.
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  4. Self Compensating Shock Absorber

    Self Compensating Shock Absorber has fixed- orifice design. It requires no adjustment and is light in weight as compared to adjustable absorbers. These shock absorbers smoothly decelerate moving weights, without depending on the changes in energy-absorbing requirements. In addition, these devices also have tamperproof designs. Exhibit minor variations in reaction force with variations in weights and velocities, these devices compensate for changing temperature, and fluid compressibility.
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